simple.god centered.reverent

Our Worship

We believe we should worship as God's Word instructs us; preaching the Word of God, singing hymns according to the Word of God, and praying according to the Word of God.  God should be our center and focus; His revelation, His character, and His works.

Our Design

Our Goal

Our building was designed to promote an environment that inspires us to worship, to aid in taking our mind's focus from the secular to a place where the sacred is in view.  This intent is evident from the architecture design to the stained glass windows.  Our three largest stained glass windows includes art glass depicting Christ life (birth, baptism, ministry, & death), the 23rd Psalm (Our Sheppard, His leading, His Provision, & Our dwelling), and the parable of the Sower (depicting the four types of soil). 

Our goal is not one of entertainment nor seeker satisfaction, but to glorify Christ our redeemer.  Worship is not a method or marketing tool, it certainly is not a conduit for self gratification or personal enrichment.  We assemble to Glorify God and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.  God alone is worthy of worship.